Dataset History

Dataset history allows you to create a saved version of the dataset and restore the dataset to previously created save points.


To open dataset history, open dataset properties and then select the History tab. By default, the history will show a single version of the dataset which is created immediately after the dataset is created. Versions are listed from most recent to oldest.

Saving a Dataset Version

To Save the current version of the dataset (allowing you to easily restore to this point in the future), click Save a Version at the bottom of the screen.


Enter a name for the version and click Save to create a new saved version.

Editing and Restoring a Version

To edit or restore a saved version, hover over a version to reveal the Edit and Restore buttons.


Click Restore to restore the dataset to that version. Note that this cannot be undone and you will lose any changes that you made to the dataset after creating that version – you will see a confirmation to prevent accidentally restoring.

Click Edit to edit the version name.