How to add tabs to a dashboard

Dataset editors can place dashboard tiles across multiple tabs, making it easier to navigate large dashboards. You can create as many tabs as you'd like.

Creating a tab

To add a tab to a dashboard that currently does not have tabs, enter Edit mode for the dashboard and choose "Add tabs" from the "+" menu in the header.


Once a dashboard has tabs, additional tabs can be added either by repeating the step above or, more conveniently, by clicking the "+" icon to the right of the last tab.


Moving a tile to another tab

To move a tile from one tab to another, enter Edit mode and hover over the tab you want to move. The overlay will reveal a 3-dots menu icon in the top right corner. Click this, choose "Move to another tab" and then choose the destination tab. It will be moved to that tab, preserving any edits you have made, including to its shape and size.


Renaming a tab

New tabs are given basic names initially - Untitled 1, etc. - so it's helpful to rename tabs to aid user navigation. To do this, enter Edit mode and then double-click on the existing name in the tab you want to change. This will make the name editable so you can just type your desired name. The tab width will adapt to accommodate the name you enter. Click anywhere else or press Enter/Return to accept the new name.

Deleting a tab

Tabs can be deleted by entering Edit mode and then clicking on the small "x" that appears to the right or each tab name. Empty tabs will be deleted immediately. Tabs with content will prompt you to choose whether to Move all tiles to the previous tab (next tab in the case of the first one), Delete all tiles, or Cancel. Deleting a tab when there are currently two tabs will return the dashboard to a non-tabbed state.


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