How to perfect your PowerPoint decks with many new edit controls

When you create an analysis, you may need to edit it further for a PowerPoint export: for example, perhaps you want to hide 'Not sure' and 'Prefer not to answer' categories, rename long labels, re-order the categories, give the whole analysis a descriptive title, or even simply change the coloring. You can now make these adjustments and more, and you'll find all of those changes reflected in your PowerPoint and Excel exports.

To access these enhanced options, hover over a 'slide' in a deck that you can edit. An 'edit' link appears:


When you click the 'edit' link, a panel appears showing you additional controls:


Edit options are spread over three tabs at the top: Properties, Categories, and Colors. You'll find that some options are only available for some visualization types.

When you're done making edits, click Save to return to the deck view. Your exports will now reflect these changes.


  • The changes you make will only be visible in an export (PowerPoint or Excel) or on a dashboard. They won't be visible in regular modes of Crunch.

  • These are the same visual edits available when editing dashboard tiles, and will override any such edits made in dashboards mode.

  • If the 'edit' link does not appear when you hover over it, this means that this a deck you do not have permission to edit. Contact the deck's creator to ask them to share it with you.

Currently this feature is only available for early access users.

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