Editing, Deleting, and Refreshing CrunchBoxes

CrunchBoxes are used to embed Crunch data in other websites. They can be created as described in Creating a CrunchBox. Existing CrunchBoxes can be edited, refreshed, and deleted. To perform any of these actions, click the dataset name and then select CrunchBox from the dropdown menu to see the existing CrunchBoxes that exist on this dataset.

CrunchBox Edit.png

Select the CrunchBox you want to work with from the left side. A preview appears on the right. Take any of the following actions:


This opens the same interface as was used to create the CrunchBox. You can change what filters and variables are used in it.


When a CrunchBox is built, it takes a snapshot of the data. If the dataset is later edited (e.g. by adding new rows or waves of data), the CrunchBox will not reflect these changes. You can update a CrunchBox to match the current state of the dataset by clicking Refresh.


This deletes the selected CrunchBox.