Creating a CrunchBox

Use CrunchBoxes to embed Crunch data in any website in an interactive widget.

Create a CrunchBox in a dataset by clicking the dataset name and selecting CrunchBox from the dropdown menu. This opens a panel that displays all CrunchBoxes that have been created for this dataset.

2018-12-19 11.14.37.gif

You can edit, refresh, or delete any existing CrunchBoxes as described in Editing, Deleting, and Refreshing CrunchBoxes.

Click Create New to create a new CrunchBox. The new CrunchBox interface opens:

CrunchBox Builder.png

Selecting variables

The dataset’s variables are listed on the left side of the CrunchBox builder. Select the variables and folders you would like to be included in the CrunchBox. Note that at this time array variables cannot be displayed in a CrunchBox. Also selected any subvariable of a multiple response variable will cause the entire variables to be selected.

2018-12-19 11.21.46.gif

Selecting Filters

Under Select Filters you can select the filters that will be available in the CrunchBox. By default, any filters that are applied to the dataset will be automatically selected.

Setting Options

Under Options, you can give the CrunchBox a title and optionally add notes, a base size, custom colors. Notes appear only in this interface (e.g. CrunchBox users will not see them). The color configuration is currently set via json. For more details see:

Saving the CrunchBox

Once you have selected variables and filters you want to include, Give your click Save CrunchBox. You can create multiple CrunchBoxes from the same dataset. When a CrunchBox is built, it will take a snapshot of the current data – if further updates are made to the dataset, you will need to refresh the CrunchBox.

Once the CrunchBox is built, click the Share icon. To get the embed code, click on the Embed icon.