Managing Permissions on Folders and Datasets

About Permissions

Permissions in Crunch can be managed at the dataset level – users can be granted access to individual datasets – as well as on the folder level – users can be granted access to a folder, which grants those users access to everything contained by that folder, including subfolders, the contents of those subfolders, etc. See Organizing Datasets for more information on organizing datasets into folders.

A user can be granted one of two types of access on a dataset or folder: Viewer and Editor. Granting a permission on a folder grants that same permission to every dataset contained by that same folder (as well as any datasets contained by subfolders). If a user has Editor permission on the folder, they can also view and edit members on a folder.

If a user has multiple permissions on a dataset or folder (e.g. if they have Viewer permission on a folder and Editor permission on one or more datasets in that folder), they will have the highest granted permission.

Viewing and Editing Permissions

If you are an editor on a folder or dataset, you can click the dataset/folder name in the header and select Members to open a panel showing the users that have access to that folder or dataset.


This panel will show all users who have permission on this folder or dataset, and their level of permission, regardless of whether that permission was granted on this dataset specifically, granted on a parent, or granted via a Team,

Mixed Permissions

On folders you may also note a Mixed permission. This indicates that this user has permission on one or more objects contained by this folder, but their permissions are not uniform (i.e. they may have access to only some items, or they may be Viewers on some objects and Editors on others).

Changing Permissions

You can change permissions for a user using the dropdown. Given how permissions are inherited, there are a few special cases:

  • If you make a change that will affect multiple objects (e.g. changing Mixed to Viewer), you will be asked to confirm the change.

  • If you change a permission that was granted from a team, a dialog will open allowing you to either:

    • Remove the user from the team OR

    • Change the permission of the team to the selected permission.

  • If you attempt to edit a permission that was granted by a parent folder, you will see a notification informing you of this and either asked to change it there (if you have permission to that parent) or be told you do not have permission to update this permission.