General Properties

Open dataset properties by clicking on the dataset name and selecting Properties from the dropdown.


Dataset properties can be edited by the active editor (see Datasets with Multiple Editors).


The primary dataset properties page allows you to edit the following:

Name – Click the dataset name to edit it.

Description - Click the dataset description to edit it.

Start Date/End Date - When was the data collected? These properties are included to allow start and end dates (distinct from dataset creation and modification dates) to be included as dataset attributes.

Minimum base size — Suppress percentages that are based on too few total responses in their ‘base’ or margin in the direction of percentaging. For example, only show percentages for columns (with column-percentaging selected) if there are at least 50 rows in the data.

Target population size — The size of the population that a sample is meant to represent, and its magnitude. For example, a dataset that represents the United States population is about 320 million; if set, the display controls will allow tables and other displays to show all their values in terms of estimated population counts. See Target Population for more information.

Notes - If you have more detailed notes about the dataset beyond its description, you can include them here.