Configuring a Dataset Dashboard

The first thing a user sees when they open a dataset is its Dashboard. By default, the dashboard is a summary of the dataset based on its Dataset PropertiesDatasetSummary.png.

To customize this dashboard page, click the dataset name and select Configure Dashboard from the dropdown to open the dashboard configuration panel.


In this panel you can select one of the following options:

Dataset Summary

This is the default view – a summary of the dataset metadata configured in dataset properties, as seen above.


Select URL to specify a custom URL that will be loaded as the dataset dashboard. This can be used to show any web-based content you host in another location, such as a Shiny dashboard built in R and hosted by Crunch. For more information about using on using Shiny with Crunch, see the “Crunchy” GitHub project and its instructions.


Select Deck to choose a deck to use as a dashboard. The first four analyses saved to that deck will be displayed in a two-by-two grid.


The selected deck will become shared (available to all users on the dataset) when it is used as a dashboard. See Saving, Exporting, and Sharing Analyses for more information about creating decks.

If a deck contains no analyses and Deck is selected the dashboard will display the dataset summary.