Managing Permissions


User Permissions

View and change permissions on the dataset by clicking Permissions in dataset properties.

This interface shows all users who have direct access to this dataset and their level of access. Note that users may also be granted permission by being in the project that contains the dataset. If the dataset belongs to a project, the project name will be listed on the right. To see a complete list of all users who can access the dataset, see Users.

You can change the level of permission a user has using the dropdown under PermissionsViewers can view a dataset and make personal filters, variables, and multitables. Editors can make shared filters, variables, and multitables and make changes to the dataset data and metadata.

You can remove a user from the list by hovering over them and clicking the x on the left side.

In the case of a dataset with many users this list can be filtered using the Filter input.

Click the + to share the dataset with additional users.

Permissions Properties

On the right side of the interface, you can set the following permissions for this dataset:

Project – If this dataset is part of a project, the project name will be shown here. If you have permission to edit the project, click the project name to modify project permissions.

Permissions for Viewers – Determines whether dataset viewers can export the dataset, share the dataset, and change the currently applied weight.

Default Weight – Set the weight that will be applied to this dataset by default.