Saving, Exporting, and Sharing Analyses

Analyses can be saved to a deck by clicking Save in the upper right corner in expanded view.


When you click Save, the current deck slides out and the current analysis is saved to it.


The deck can be opened and closed using the + icon to the right of Save. When open, the icon becomes an x.

Saved analyses will list the variables used to create the analysis along with an icon that indicates a graph or a table.

The information saved in an analysis includes:

  • The variables used to create the analysis.

  • Any settings in the play controller.

  • Any filters that are currently applied.

  • Whether the data is weighted.

  • Any changes to the variable display

Clicking an analysis in the deck will load it into the analysis workspace.

The order of the saved analyses can be changed by dragging them up and down in the list.


To remove an slide, hover over it and click the ✖️ in the upper-right corner.

To edit a slide title hover over it and click Edit to open the title editor.


Here you can edit the slide’s title and subtitle.


Exporting Analyses

Click the export button at the bottom of the deck to export analyses saved to that deck to Excel or Powerpoint.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.33.43 AM.png

Each analysis will be put into a separate sheet in the Excel file, and the valid/missing counts, as well as any active filters, will be included alongside the table. Crunch graphs will be exported as tables, but you can use Excel’s tools to define a chart with the numbers in the sheet.

Using Multiple Decks

Click the deck name to switch between decks or create a new one.


Click New Deck… to create a new deck by giving it a unique name.


When you click Save, the current analysis will be saved into the currently selected deck, allowing you to save and export multiple sets of analyses.

Click the settings icon in the lower-right corner of the deck to open deck properties, where you can rename delete a deck. Deleting a deck will delete all analyses saved in that deck. Note that you cannot delete your last deck in a dataset.


Sharing a Deck

If you are a dataset editor, you can share your decks with the other users on the dataset. The other users will be able to load and export analyses, but they will not be able to make changes to your deck. To share a deck, click the share icon at the bottom of the deck:


This opens a panel in which you can share or unshare this deck:


Click Share Deck to make this deck available to all users on the dataset. If the deck is already shared, the button will be labeled Unshare Deck and will make the deck available only to you.

When the viewer opens their list of decks, they will see decks shared by other users grouped apart from their own collection of decks: