How to add a rich-text tile to a dashboard

Dataset editors can add tiles to a dashboard that contain rich-formatted text. This can be used for dashboard analysis, terms and conditions, privacy notices, fieldwork dates and anything else the editor may wish to display. You can add as many of these cards to your dashboard as you'd like.

Creating a text tile

To add a text tile to a dashboard, click the Edit button in the upper right to to put the dashboard into edit mode (this is only available to editors of that dataset). Add a text tile to the dashboard by clicking the "+" button in the upper right. Choose "Add rich-text tile" from the dropdown options which will slide in the edit panel.

Add Rich Text Tile - menu item.JPG


By default, the text editor shows in WYSIWYG mode, meaning that you can use the normal text formatting options you are used to from common applications such as Microsoft Word and you'll see exactly how the text will appear. You can also paste in pre-formatted text from other sources and it should keep that formatting (so long as those formats are supported).

Alternatively, switch to "Markdown" mode to enter your own markdown syntax for extra control (but there's no need to do this if you don't want to). When you are done, click Save. The text tile will be added at the bottom of the dashboard. You can resize and reposition these tiles however you want them. They will also export, including formatting, to both Excel and PowerPoint.