How to add a KPI tile to a dashboard

Dashboards can now contain KPI analyses that take a single value from a table and present it in a tile. Great for when there's a key metric you want to highlight or track.


Dataset editors can add KPI analyses like these to dashboards. This allows you to show a key company metric – e.g. Brand Awareness – as a prominent value that grabs attention.

Selecting a KPI

To display a KPI in a dashboard, save an analysis of any kind – table, chart or variable card – that contains the value you want to show. Click the Edit button in the upper right to put the dashboard in edit mode (this is only available to editors of that dataset) and enter the edit panel for that particular analysis. Once the edit panel is opened, change the visualization type to KPI.


Now you can select the value you want to use as a KPI from the table.


Editing a KPI tile

As an editor you can make optional changes to the titles, number type and decimal places, and click Save.

KPI tiles can be moved and resized like other tiles, but they have a maximum size of 4x4 cells.