Navigating Datasets


Datasets in Crunch are organized into folders. The top level folder is All Datasets. Data owners can grant access to a folder to allow you access to all contents of that folder, including datasets and other folders (which may themselves contain additional folders).

Use the header at the top of the screen to quickly navigate up the hierarchy. Multiple levels may be collapsed into a folder icon – click it to open a dropdown to select one of the collapsed levels.


The top-level All Datasets folder may contain either or both of two special folders, Personal, and Shared with Me. These folders will be pinned to the top of the list.

The Personal folder will only appear if you have permission to import data. It contains all datasets that you have imported that you have not moved into another folder.

The Shared with Me folder contains all datasets that have been shared with you directly when you do not have access to the folder that contains them.

If you are a data owner, see Organizing Datasets (Early Access) for information on how to create folders and move datasets between them.