Organizing Datasets (Early Access)

Note: The features described in this topic are currently flagged for Early Access. See How to enable early access for more information.

As a data owner, you can organize datasets into a hierarchy of folders and grant other users access to those folders to give them access to their contents.

Creating a Folder

To create a new folder, click current folder in the header and select New folder from the dropdown menu.


At this time, this will open the New Project interface described in Sharing Data to Multiple Users with Projects, which allows you to set a folder name (called a project name here) and let you invite users to the folder. This process will be updated before it is moved out of early access.

Importing a Dataset

To import a dataset, click the current project name and select New dataset from the dropdown. The Import dataset panel will open as described in Importing Data. Once imported, the data will be contained in the current folder.

Moving a Dataset

To move a dataset, click the down arrow that appears next to the dataset name on hover and select Move to... from the drop down menu:


This opens the Move to... widget:


This widget allows you to navigate through your folder hierarchy and choose a new location for the dataset. Once you have navigated to a folder that you can edit (and is not the current location), the Move button will become active. Click it to move the dataset.

At this time you can't move folders into other folders or move multiple datasets at once.

Editing Folder Settings and Members

To change a folder name, click the current folder name in the header and click Settings.


This will open the settings panel as described in Sharing Data to Multiple Users with Projects where you can change the name. This is also where you can delete the current folder if it is empty (if it is not empty you will not be permitted to delete it).

Select Members to see and edit the list of users who can access this folder. Granting a user access to a folder grants them access to everything within that folder (including subfolders and their contents).