How to add your branding into Crunch

You can showcase your organization’s brand on data in Crunch with a custom logo and colors within Crunch. Further, you can customize the branding on all the datasets within a specific folder.

Note that not every user can adjust the branding within the application, only users who are "admins", and if you are unsure whether you are an admin, please email

Organization Branding

To set branding attributes for your organization, click the 3-dots menu in the upper right and select Organization Settings.


In the Logos section you can click Upload to upload new header and thumbnail logos that will appear whenever a user is viewing data or a folder owned by your organization. If no logo is set, the Crunch logos and branding will be used.

In Application colors you can set the colors that will be used in the application. You can either set explicit HEX values or you can click the colored box to open a color picker:


Under PowerPoint Template you can upload a .pptx file that will be used whenever exporting to PowerPoint – this allows you to quickly create branded reports. See Saving, Exporting, and Sharing Analyses for more information about PowerPoint export.

Folder Branding

All the datasets within your organization live within folders, and if you would like, you can also set logos and a PowerPoint template at the folder level. This allows you to provide different users and clients with their own branded experiences. To set folder branding, open the folder, click the folder name in the header, and select Settings.


At this level, you can set logos and a PowerPoint template. These settings will override any settings set above them (e.g. at the organization level or in a parent folder) and will apply to all folders and datasets contained by this folder.