Creating a CrunchBox

Use CrunchBoxes to embed Crunch data in any website in an interactive widget. CrunchBoxes are generated with their own set of static data which is copied to a CDN. This is to ensure the scalability of the widget, it will work whether you have 20 users or 2 million. The caveat is that the data generate is public, so users should keep this in mind when creating widgets. The data associated with the CrunchBoxes is "cube" data, which is the result of data analysis specified. This is the same data that is used for analysis in the Crunch application itself. Each pair of variable combinations from the variables you select will have a cube result rendered for it. Furthermore, any filters will also be rendered in combination with the variable pairs.

Create a CrunchBox by selecting CrunchBox from the dropdown behind your dataset's title in the app. (The menu item is below theDataset Properties option.


Selecting variables

The dataset’s variables are listed on the left side of the CrunchBox builder. Select the variables and folders you would like to be included in the CrunchBox. Note that CrunchBoxes are limited to 60,000 variable/filter combinations.


Selecting Filters

Choose which filters will be available to CrunchBox users on the right side. By default, any filters that were applied to the dataset will still be applied, and you can add and remove filters by clicking the plus to add or by clicking the x next to a filter to remove it.


Crunchbox Options

Before you save the CrunchBox, you can provide a title, some notes, a base size and a colors configuration. For more details what json to provide the colors configuration, see the display settings information here:

Saving the CrunchBox

Once you have selected variables and filters you want to include, Give your click Save CrunchBox. You can create multiple CrunchBoxes from the same dataset. Note that when a CrunchBox is built, it will take a snapshot of the current data – if further updates are made to the dataset, you should build a new CrunchBox to replace the existing one.

Once the CrunchBox is built, click the Share icon. To get the embed code, click on the Embed icon.


Deleting a CrunchBox

Delete a CrunchBox by clicking Show and selecting the one you want to delete.



Editing a CrunchBox

If you click the Edit button you can change the variable selections or other parameters in the CrunchBox. Note that changing variable or filter selections will require the CrunchBox to re-render the data used for the analysis which may take some time.

Refreshing A crunchbox

Since a CrunchBox is a static resource, any dataset change (such as a variable name change) will require a refresh to see the new data. If your dataset has changed and you would like to see the CrunchBox updated, click the refresh page after you select your CrunchBox from the main page.