Finding Datasets


Search for a dataset by name, description, or using the names of any of the variables in the dataset using the search bar at the top of the screen. After searching, click a dataset name to open it, or click a variable name to open the dataset and display that variable card.

Filtering search results

Search results can be refined using the two dropdowns at the top of the search panel.

Filtering by type

The left-hand dropdown is used to restrict what types of items are being searched.


Select DatasetsVariables, or Categories to limit your search to that type of object. E.g., if you selected Variableswhile searching for “Coffee”, you would get a result for a dataset that contained a variable called Coffee Preference, but not for a dataset named Coffee Brand Tracking Survey (provided that dataset had no variables that included the word “Coffee”).

For Categorical Array and Multiple Response variables, selecting Categories will also search subvariable names (see the descriptions of Multiple Response and Array variables for more information about subvariables).

Filtering by date

The right-hand dropdown lets you limit the time frame of the data being searched.


This filter uses the dataset End Date that can be seen in Dataset Properties. At this time, End Date is set on import or by a dataset editor.