Changing User Settings

In user settings, you can change your display name as well as global settings that apply to your view of all datasets.

To open user settings, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the application and select Settings.

This opens the User Settings panel.


This panel contains the following settings.


The name that will be displayed for you within Crunch.


The email address you use to sign in to Crunch. This setting is read only. If you need to change to your email address, contact your administrator.

Variable card display options

Use these settings to determine whether variable aliases or notes will be displayed on the variable card. These values can also be seen in Variable Properties.

Early Access

Enable early access to turn on features and interface layout updates that are still being developed. These features are subject to change or removal without notice. If you have feedback on an early access feature, we’d love to hear about it at If an early access feature is causing issues, you can always return to user settings and disable them.